Forma Tile Installation
In this section we will give you some basic details on fitting the FormaTile roof systems

Start your first batten 20mm from the end of your rafter or wall plate.Allow you sheet to run into the center line of the gutter as shown (Fig 4). The second batten will be 367mm less the over hang into the gutter.


From the second batten up the roof, the battens are fixed at 367mm centers up until the last module which maybe off module. Tiles are modular so the dimension is from front of batten to front of the next batten or back of batten to back of batten. Each tile takes 4 fixings as per (Fig 3).

If tiles are being fitted from the top down, you must lift both tiles above the one being fitted and slide the tile underneath the tiles already in place. When installing from the top down only fix the top of the sheet until second row in place.
FormaTile is fixed through the "nose of the tile" which gives better resistance to wind up lift than a top fixed sheet. (Fig2)

Dimensions and batten requirements:

Overall length  1470mm

Overall Depth:  412mm

Headlap:     45mm

Sidelap:        70mm

Weight/m2      6-7Kg

Batten Size:  50x25mm (spans up to 600mm)

Batten Spacing: 367mm (second batten off module Fig 4)

Battens required: 2.73lm/m2